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Touch of Class - Book One: Rebecca's Secret The formative ‘Touch of Class’ series explodes onto the page with a curious teen called Rebecca hiding an aching secret. In an all girls’ school, Rebecca’s desperate lesbian awakening soon lands her in shameful extra-curricular trouble. Rebecca struggles to contain her soaking desires for her striking English professor, Miss Kay. Leering from the back of the lesson she’s unable to resist. The teen secretly masturbates under her desk. But, to Rebecca’s horror the exquisite school bully Louise catches her in the act. Without remorse, Louise exposes Rebecca’s scandalous self-gratification. Troubled by the perverted revelation, Miss Kay keeps Rebecca behind after the lesson. Inspired by Rebecca’s frank honesty, Miss Kay soon succumbs to the teen’s innocent nubile charms. Risking her career and her freedom, Miss Kay gives Rebecca a lesson she will never, ever forget. Touch of Class - Book Two: Louise's Secret How was this fair? Louise had caught Rebecca masturbating under her desk, so telling on her felt like the right thing to do. So what if Rebecca was humiliated. So why was Louise being punished too? Furious with her unjust detention, the bully Louise ached for the catharsis of witnessing Rebecca's scalding from their young professor, Miss Kay. So Louise hatches a plan. She’d spy on her fellow student being told off for her disgusting in-lesson masturbation. But peering through the window, Louise soon learns far more than she ever anticipated. Secretly observing, Louise catches Miss Kay expose herself to her pupil Rebecca. As the girls beyond the glass soon get busy with their fingers, Louise experiences an odd sensation. Her mind screams ‘filthy lesbians’, but her body becomes aroused. No matter how hard she tries, the teen can’t ignore the all-girl beauty of the spectacle. Wrestling with the quandary of her own confused sexuality, Louise is locked in the most difficult battle of her life. Can she resist the lure of their lesbian siren call, or does she succumb to the insistent temptation of fascinating female flesh? Touch of Class - Book Three: Louise's Revenge With lesbian attraction and blackmail on the mind, Louise soon hunts down her pretty little pray, Rebecca. Discovering her timid classmate hiding in the girls’ bathroom, Louise bullies Rebecca into confessing her scandalous secret – Rebecca and her professor, Miss Kay, masturbated together after class. Rebecca begs for Louise’s silence, she knowing there will be a terrible price. But Louise demands payment immediately. With the frightened teen under her total control, Louise soon makes Rebecca undress and pose for her. Louise tests the boundaries of her new power, she making the little teen perform ever-more lewd acts until she can resist Rebecca’s teenage temptations no more. She has to touch. She has to taste. She has to cum… Touch of Class - Book Four: Miss Kay's Detention The bully Louise’s corruption knows no bounds. Not content with having total sexual control over Rebecca, her next target is soon in her sights - Miss Kay. She extorts her professor into performing a humiliating and sordid detention for the girls. Emma and Rebecca watch as their terrified professor strips and touches for the pleasure of the perverted puppet-master, Louise. But Miss Kay can’t help experiencing a sick arousal at her pupil’s erotic blackmail brilliance. Being made to give in to her lust before three stunning teenagers proves irresistible to the inexperienced professor. And as each girl struggles with the conflict of the alluring spectacle before her, one by one they fall under the sexual spell of the classroom. Their graphic group discovery of first-time female pleasures culminates in an unexpected and remarkable climax. But Louie’s plan has a long way yet to go in the ‘Touch of Class’ series. She has a homework assignment for each of the girls…

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033752025
    • ISBN:  9781310544316
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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