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Christopher Jameson has had a good life and now he wants nothing more than to live his life and help veterans who are down on their luck. One such veteran is picked up, dusted off, and helped. Once the client/mentor relationship was severed, Chris thought he could be friends with this guy. He was mistaken. Joe Butler proved to be more clingy than Chris wanted to deal with.Marcus Aurelio was looking for someone--anyone who didnt know who he was; who didnt know he was famous, rich, and available. On a simple trip to a small cafe he was introduced to just such a man. He moved quickly to integrate Christopher Jameson into his life, even inviting him on a trip to Turkey for an archeological expedition. He was thrilled with Chris and they got along well.Turkey, however, was not as friendly as the two men. They were each taken prisoner, and each needed rescue with a little help from unexpected places. The trouble, though, followed the couple home.Dreams became living nightmares for Christopher. Was there any hope that these two men could find happiness together?

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