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Two Sides of GameSynopsisTwo Sides of Game (TSG) is a fictitious novel which parallels the lives of two uniquely distinct hustlers from two different walks of life.TSG opens with Devon, a twenty-seven YO heterosexual black man, mentally dissecting the relationship he has with a woman who teetered on the fence of being taken serious, Antonette, after their intense relations, but falls short when text messages from her ex peels back just one layer of her deception. Ricky, an openly gay twenty-two YO Latino man, on the other end of the spectrum, is totally unconcerned with deepening any bonds he has with his current lover, Paul, only what he can financially gain from their close relations.Ricky has to do some soul-searching (sleeping with over a dozen men in one evening had a way of wreaking havoc on his psyche), and relies on his sister, one of the few family members who still fully accepts him after coming out, to confide in. In the end it doesnt do much good. Rickys unconscious animosity towards men deepens, his heart grows harder, he is only out for that Almighty Dollar, and when a twist of fate occurs — he rear-ends a drug dealers car and later is offered a position to smuggle drugs for him — Ricky envisions his new connection as just another notch on his belt of men to exploit.Devon, on the other hand, set his sights on a completely different mission altogether — to exact revenge for the death of his close associate. He does so, and in the process of exacting some sweet revenge engages in a shootout with the police before he is apprehended. Devon gets sentenced to numbers he has never seen — almost twenty-four years suspended after eighteen — the harsh realities of a prison cell reveals truths he would have preferred remain hidden, and after only a couple of years incarceration those closest around him begin to fade away. While Devons world crumbles all around him to isolation and abandonment, Ricky is living it up.Ricky get arrested, hes in the system. Similar to the outside, his feminine presence in any circle attracts attention. In a prison full of hardened, sex-starved thugs, he turns the entire prison system upside down. Gang leaders and the prisons elite spill blood in riots to claim his as their own, with the president of a notorious Spanish gang winning the title, until Ricky sneaks off with an individual of his choosing, and the prison administration figure they can solve the dilemma by housing Ricky with an inmate who didnt outwardly seek the attention of gay men, yet wouldnt allow harm to come to him either based on his notorious reputation — Devon.

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