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I was born at the far corner of Europe in N. Ireland the only son of a Republican farmer with stables and respectability spreading all over Donegal. Our farm, the largest in the area, gave work to many peasants and my father, salt of the earth, was loved and feared. I've always been weak, physically I mean, for I was a skinny boy not tall with ashen blonde hair, green eyes and fair complexion. The first day at school my teacher Ms Glower, a middle aged English lady, asked loudly “Are you a boy or a girl ? 'Cos your name is very weird and your look doesn't say” - Everybody in the classroom laughed and everything began. At school I never excelled, I just didn't answer the questions I was asked, therefore Ms Glower was convincingly determined to assume I was “ daft and thick”. She knew no diplomacy . My school- mates teased me continuously for I was on easy prey, I just endured and got revenge after school with those younger than me, I beat them till they bled furiously as if maddened.

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