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This 3 story bundle contains the following stories by Serena St Claire: Caught by the Cowboy: Stella's always had a bit of a thing for her super sexy cowboy neighbour, Brad. She's always kept it to herself, but one day she goes out for a ride on her horse and gets a bit carried away. What happens when Brad unknowingly stumbles upon her pleasuring herself? Only one way to find out! Warning: this 3,000 word story contains oral sex, explicit sex and a super sexy cowboy cock! Cowboy Threeway: Kaylie and Elise have pulled off the sales call of their lives, netting themselves a five figure bonus at work. But when they go off to celebrate and find themselves trespassing on a sexy cowboy's barn, what will he ask for in exchange for letting them go without calling the cops? Warning: this 3300 word story includes sexy cowboys, spanking, a M/f/f threesome, oral sex, explicit sex and more! Seduced by the Cowboy: Michelle comes home from her work on the ranch one day to find her husband cheating on her with another woman. When she goes back to the only place she has, the ranch, her sexy cowboy boss Ryan finds her and checks to make sure she's ok. What lengths will Ryan go to in order to comfort Michelle? Warning: this 3,000 word story contains explicit sex, oral sex and a ridiculously sexy cowboy!

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