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In book 6, MILF Jane hasnt had time for her raunchy video game adventures lately, but when she finds her son playing his gunslinger game, she cant resist the gorgeous cowboy. Seizing the day, Jane pulls on her cowboy boots and goes in saddled up and ready to ride her cowboy. As usual, things dont go as planned, and she ends up in the hands of a gang of outlaws and in desperate need of a rescue.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Jane came home from her new job as a librarian to find her son, Zack, playing a video game she hadnt yet seen."Hot damn! You got a new game."A gunfight just ended in an old western town, and a gorgeous hunk of a man in a cowboy hat sauntered down the street as he reloaded. He was cocky as hell and clearly didnt take any crap; definitely her type of a man. She smiled at the idea of getting intimately acquainted with him.Zack frowned at the interruption. "Yeah, its the new Gunslinger game. But why the sudden interest in my video games, mom? You used to nag me about playing too much.""Oh, well, Im really into gaming now," she answered, smiling at her private joke. If he knew what shed been up to with his games, hed probably vomit.On screen, the game character entered a bandit camp and slaughtered everyone in sight."Whoa, that was genius, babe. You really have a knack for shooting folks. Im so proud," she teased.~~~~~The next morning, Jane stared into her closet, as she planned what to wear. Her face suddenly brightened. "Finally! I get to wear my cowboy boots!” She yanked them on and smiled at herself in the mirror. Shed always wanted to walk around in only her boots, and this was her day to shine."Hell, I usually come back naked anyway," she said, heading to the family room.Jane stood in front of the console, voluptuously naked, with the magical controller in her hands. "Here goes nothin," she said, thinking that a western would be a pleasant change from the last few games. "Im pretty sure I wont run into any demons with flaming cum or horny psychopaths in this one,” she said.She banged the controller against the table and its sudden glow lit up her huge breasts. By now, she knew the drill. At any moment, the warning announcements would begin and she was already wet, knowing that shed see the handsome gunslinger soon. She pictured herself falling straight into his lap as he rode his horse, and smiled happily.Deciding to begin this adventure with a more laid back approach, Jane fell back onto the couch and rested her high-heeled boots on the table, feeling highly aroused and ready for some raunchy fun."Warning, adults only," the bored voice said."Uh, yeah. No kidding," Jane said, with a chuckle."This game contains kidnapping, bondage, a gang bang, anal and oral sex, moderate to severe pain, possible death…”“What?” Jane scrambled to sit up, but just as she began to have second thoughts, the couch vanished and she was falling through darkness while the warnings continued. "…deep throating, and blood and gore. All injuries incurred during the game will be repaired upon exit, with the exception of…"Because she crashed through a roof and landed in a huge pile of hay, the voice was cut off just before that last critical bit of information. The moonlight shone in through the hole that she just made, letting in enough light to reveal the open interior of a large barn.Jane looked up and began a heartfelt prayer. "Dear Lord, thank you for saving me from becoming skewered upon a pitchfork."The door swung open and Jane looked up, hoping to see her handsome cowboy, but instead an outlaw gang charged in. They grinned and nudged each other as they closed in on her. They were all big, much bigger than her, and she scrambled to her feet and took a few steps back, thinking there must be some kind of a mistake.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033171178
    • ISBN:  9781310877629
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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