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While Liz is in mourning, Alex wakes up in the morgue to find that while shes not really dead, her old life is over. Shes convinced that Wren has played a sick joke on her. She soon realizes the truth and must learn how to live in a world where she no longer exists. How will she navigate as a newly awakened vampire and how can she help her former girlfriend, Liz?Wren is behind bars, driven mad by her hunger and her guilt over what shes done. Wren comes to realize why she turned Alex and discovers that her relationship with Olivia has all been part of a larger plot. Can she make amends with Alex while making sure Olivia assists her in getting out of jail?Christophe discovers he and Olivia are not the only vampires in New Orleans. Knowing the Others exist, will he stay loyal to Olivia or will he demand more power and autonomy?

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