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I am about to inform you of a side of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, that many of its inhabitants were completely unaware of. A side I once knew of ever so well and perchance this may be the right time to inform booklovers of these, such-strange-goings-on.And who knows; by this book’s completion, you (like Miss Jane Jenkins) may have transformed yourself into a completely changed person? And perhaps, — with a fresh new insight into … practically, — well almost everything considered thought provoking!Now dear reader, now its time to wind back the Newcastle Town Hall clock to strike again on a different stage; back to the year of 1971, a vibrant time of conscription and moratoriums, strikes and stand-offs, prayers and promiscuity. So, prepare yourself for a pleasant walk along a leafy Laman Street before earthquakes, rising property values, and fig-tree-removing council members shake its uniqueness into something … now completely different.And while partaking this interesting journey, please participate with another side of this town, yes, — take a taste of the paranormal where precarious forces lie and wait to trap the naïve and innocent.Where, what! Do you ask? — Well, you best get yourself ready to meet Professor Howard Mycroft Calvert, because — words . . . can’t properly explain ‘what’ he actually is.And by the way, a map is provided, and better still, have a good look on the available Internet-maps and see old Laman Street before it’s majestic old fig-trees are hacked away and replaced with this current (scaled-up) model railway alternative.Now, …there’s a book chock-full of interesting people all just waiting to meet you … so take your time, don’t skip pages and I promise, this story will certainly draw you in.And remember folks; this is all ‘just-fiction,’ right! And reading great-fiction is good for your soul, it’s a proven scientific fact, . . . so, I can guarantee, — a really-good-read is now coming up.

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