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The distant Eastern Kingdom of Astalan has fallen. Falanholme... The Bright, Shining Land stands encircled by the most dreadful peril. The Forces of The Darkness have now subjugated almost all of her surrounding neighbours. When Falanholme falls, Baelar...The Lord of The Underdark will invoked his terrible, creeping "Night of the Shadows Rising." All will be plunged in back into Chaos, as it had been long ago in The Age of The Beginnings. The great plumes of smoke rising in the east bear silent witness to the terrible fate of Astalan as, what can only be minions of The Darkness, sweep up from the south pillaging and burning that once-idyllic Kingdom. Falanholme now stands alone... the last beacon of hope left for the subjugated peoples of the West. Falanholme steadfastly refuses to yield. Against overwhelming odds, nine Guardians of The Light and a Wraith-Hunter Warrior maid; although so far outnumbered in warrior and sword; will not go down meekly and quietly into the Darkness. They will wager all... without question, to preserve such truths and freedom as their peoples hold; no matter the odds arrayed against them. Inspired by their stubborn resilience the Realms and Kingdoms of Falanholme rise together, casting aside such petty differences they hold; and united, fight as one for their right to live.

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