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A COLLECTION OF BROKEN SOULS contains four stories of drama, suspense, and fantasy. “Broken Dreams” follows three siblings, Bethany, Michael, and Timothy as they visit their Grandma’s house in the country. Everything is the same as always, boring and dull. That is, until Michael begins having nightmares about a monster. Bethany is sure that it is all just the imagination of a child, but as the dreams continue, the children learn they should have heeded Grandma’s words… Never break a dreamcatcher.  “Judgement Road” is the journey of a man who wakes up alone on the side of a road named Judgment. He doesn’t remember how he got there, but recalls his car slamming into a tree. The heart wrenching screams of his friends play in his mind over and over as he stands up and tries to catch his balance. He thinks fate brought the truck to him that stops to pick him up, only to be taken on another ride he never expected. “Danny Boy” follows Rick and Danny as they prepare to do their strangest job yet. They want to rob an art museum because Danny heard art brings big bucks. He wants to prove himself to Rick who wants to get in and get out, with no strings attached. Perhaps the job would be easier if either of them knew anything about art, instead of stealing it. “The Candlelight Inn” tells the story of a lustful romance between Christopher and Olivia. They meet up every year in Room 207 at the Candlelight Inn. It’s a dream come true– perfect sex, low maintenance, and no expectations. There’s only one problem... Christopher is in love with his wife, and her name is not Olivia.

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