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War is ugly. Death is ugly. Our people deserve peace and beauty, so we take these ugly things into ourselves to protect them. If it was required, every man in the Knights would lay down his life without hesitation. We live by honor, and the Code of Knighthood. A Knight does not lie. A Knight does not retreat. A Knight lives and dies with honor. This is what it means to be a Knight. Those were the words that Cael heard the day he joined the Knights of Tyras Kinaen. Every moment of the last seven years, he lived by those words and trained to be a Knight. Now, a war threatens his small home city, and he is being sent away with a foreign army to fight an unknown enemy. His boyhood dreams of honor and glory are coming true at last! But the reality of the world at war is not what Cael dreamt it would be. The Code of honor that the Tyrian Knights live their lives by has no place in the wide world, and the skills he’s learned with his sword and shield are failing him. To survive, to save his people and his Knighthood, he must learn to adapt to the world outside his sheltered city. If he doesn’t, he might lose everything he has ever known to a far greater evil than he could have ever imagined.

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