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"Parallel worlds exist - there are an infinite number of them, each one different from all the others. Anything you can imagine is out there somewhere, anything at all, and a lot more that is stranger than you can imagine... They are all shadows cast by the archetype, which is why we call them shadows... Anyone with sorcerous powers can cultivate the ability to travel between them..." Nalini Vaidya to Danny Piekowski. "In my Father's house there are many mansions..." Jesus of Nazareth The earth as you know it is but one amongst an infinite number. We call them shadows, because all of them are cast by the source, though if the truth be known, there are an infinite number of sources, or archetypes as we also call them, all casting their own infinity of shadows. Infinity squared perhaps? I think you get the idea. The walls of our shadow earth are very thin indeed, and all manner of beings come and go as they please. Although if you think about it, with an infinite number of shadows, but a finite number of shadow walkers, it can be quite rare to encounter someone from another shadow. This is a collection of seven tales from seven different shadows. Danny and Nalini use their powers against sorcerers, criminals, gods and demons

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