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Five hundred years ago, the accursed sealed the elves into the Valley of Refuge and cursed them. At least that's what Lia has been taught all her life, but she wonders if there are answers waiting out in the forest. Her best friend, Triss, orphaned by the curse, wants nothing to do with it or the plants that it employs. Arsen and Ferlin just want to live quiet lives in The Grove. Lia and her friends are caught up in events that threaten the entire elf civilization, unless they can discover the truth. On the other side of the valley, unaware of the elves, lies a human kingdom on the brink of disaster. Thieves have begun stealing food needed to survive the coming winter. The royal family is under attack from someone within their ranks. Brennan must find a way to become more than the carpenter he is and to overcome his shadowy past.

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