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Americans were imprisoned by an economic system controlled by global corporations and like eager, panting dogs trotted merrily along on the road to serfdom . . . until it all went to crap. Globalism failed and debt obfuscated America’s future because, in order to keep up, government had mortgaged its prosperity. Indeed, the American standard of living had been arbitraged and Americans so loaned upon that they became serfs. The American dream is a myth now in a post-capitalist world. Only a few ate meat. People are scarce ? hard times had nearly finished them off. Survivors abandoned technology and scattered into parkland tribes - only the Wilderness League can save those who survived the onslaught of greedy and destructive human behavior and Geela, the American eagle, will show them the way. Agod and Theocean is fantasy imbued with economic satire: a postmodern, shape-shifting tale, a fictive dream. Its extraordinary characters posture and pose, and through playful accounts of serious events offer a teaching tale of what will become of us all if we don’t live Another Way.

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