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What if everything you knew about yourself, about your life was a complete lie. Could you cope? How about if the reality was fantastic, impossible and riddled with secrecy and dangers too complicated to fathom. Would you ignore the signs? Or awaken and rise to the challenge? Airel, 22, grad student and gifted psychic has always used her instinct and her psychic gifts to guide her never questioning where they came from. But a chance encounter with a stranger set in motion events that will change her forever. Now her abilities aren’t working the way they used to work. They’re changing and so is she, but into what? Always in control of her emotions she begins to fall, for the one roommate she knows isn’t interested in her. Could he be the reason for the change? Nothing was going as planned. At least Adam the uninterested roommate is what he seems …right? Like everyone else in the house Adam has a secret, but his is a deadly one. Adam is really Aaron a demigod sent to earth to kill one of his roommates as vengeance for an old love, but which one? While he figures out which of his roommates is a demigod in hiding, he is distracted by his desire for the reluctant Airel , Who is the mirror image of his dead lover. Will Airel ever find out what‘s changing her? Will Adam/Aaron ever complete his mission? Will the two ever realize their destinies are intertwined ?

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