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Imagine a catastrophic event in your life, one so traumatic that to escape the pain of it you descend into a deep coma. What if in that state you enter a strange dreamlike existence and can journey into different worlds, which appear to be every bit as real as your conscious world. You resist all the attempts being made to return you to consciousness because you have found a place of beauty, peace and serenity and do not wish to leave it.This is the where the main character of the story, a young man called Alfie, initially finds himself.However, in Alfies place, there is a darker side that he must face in order for him to return to his real world and recover. In his search for answers, he is helped by two adult friends who have experienced similar tragedies in their lives and are mysteriously able to share his dreams. In this dark side, Alfie and his friends witness violence and corruption and meet it head-on. Nevertheless,as they travel through this dream world, they find love and friendship.

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