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Theres a legend of how the world got its scar: six demons came to a cross ways and destroyed each other.Nott knows the truth to this legend, because he was one of those six. For thousands of years his ghost has been protecting the living from his fellow demons and hounding them in death. Now they have tricked their way into possessing human bodies and seek to regain their lost power, even if they have to tear apart the world to do it. Some of them find enemies in humanity; some find they are worshiped as gods. But before they can truly become gods among men, Nott must find a way to kill them from the grave.After all, he made a Promise: the living will have nothing to fear while he still walks, and he will become a monster himself if that is what it takes.This mix of magical realism and comedy explores the human experience through the eyes of creatures who are definitely not human.

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