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Fifteen years have passed since mankind discovered its first portal, a type of wormhole capable of instantaneous travel between two distinct points around the globe. No two portals had ever appeared in the same location twice and predicting where or when one would appear proved impossible. But despite their inexplicable appearance on planet Earth, portals were quickly embraced by those powerful enough to discover and maintain control of their awesome potential.Harnessing them without thought to their origin or worry over the consequences of their use, sects of humanity prospered while others faltered. Empires fell, empires grew more powerful, and newcomers were welcomed to the world stage. The geo-political, social, and military landscape across the globe shifted as portals opened new avenues for travel, trade, and warfare, but only those able to hold a portal prospered.Everyone else was left behind.Thus began the Age of Portals.Today, portals are accepted by humanity as unassumingly as concepts such as gravity or oxygen. They are ubiquitous all across the world, yet additional portals are always sought after. New portals mean new opportunities, but just as no one foresaw their arrival, the world will not be ready for what is still to come. One man, whose sole desire to discover new portals is the only thing left that drives him, stands alone along this oncoming path, but is unprepared for what he, and the rest of the world, will soon face.

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