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Some in this world are chosen to wield a power far beyond humanely imagination and some to undo them once they grow arrogant in their strength. Yet seldom do they know. This is the tale of how three lonesome souls become connected to each other in ways most unexpected and gruesome. This is the tale of an Assassin, a protégé heir to a wealthy family and a smith's apprentice. Nothing do they share except for one hidden latency. But will they live to know? And which side will they approach in order to establish the new order of the world? Magic is happening in the west, it always has and yet little does the rest of the world know about it. But when Valdin's journey is forced to a halt in a bloody and yet miraculous way he perceives a glimpse of what his life could be. When Melvin's apprenticeship finds a sudden end and he is left with nothing but darkness and solitude, a light shines upon him to grant him a second chance in life few people even dare to dream of. If he only knew. Three journeys, three souls, three ambitions. A world is about to shatter and form anew.

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