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AN ORDINARY WOMAN'S SPIRITUAL JOURNEY REVEALS THE EXTRAORDINARY! Cheri Greene is a quirky San Francisco attorney. She meets, and instantly connects with Gabriel Koomowa, a tough police officer of Native American descent. Gabe soon falls seriously ill and Cheri finds herself helping him to survive. Nearing death, he is spontaneously healed, leaving the once logical attorney searching to understand why. In her quest for answers Cheri discovers that she has paranormal gifts, and has lived many prior lives. She also learns that her purpose in this life is to be a scribe, and write the words given to her by an elevated being cloaked in the valance of a wizened wizard. Words of future prediction and prophesy, and words containing answers to time honored questions of mankind. AND I WAS TOLD is not just a story. It is a step by step spiritual guide offering channeled ancient records containing insight and predictions of what will be. "And so In the year 9097, a comet shall collide with the surface of the planet earth destroying it as it is presently known. It shall cease and in its place shall be born the planet earth in what would be viewed as the big bang by most astronomists of your day. . ."

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