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After receiving an unusual gift- temporary access to the 13th floor of a building that supposedly doesn't have one- Michael's uneventful and rather dull life is suddenly turned upside down. In a matter of days the local cops suspect him of murder, the FBI are thinking espionage, a pair of mob enforcers are trying to collect on a large loan he never borrowed, there's a fresh grave in his backyard and a dead body in his car that he can't seem to dispose of, and he's either about to be fired from his job for a stupid mistake or given a huge promotion because a Yorkshire Terrier peed on his face. And that doesn't even include the really weird stuff happening on and emanating from the 13th floor. Romance, sex, mystery, mayhem, magic, and a deep dish helping of iguana philosophy. With enough twists and turns to rival the Kama Sutra, and a roller coaster ride finale as Michael races the clock in an effort to prevent the end of the world as... well, as we don't know it. April 33 is a fantasy adventure of darkly screwball humor and Twilight Zone atmospheres; graced with a large cast of delightfully eccentric, quirky, and just plain bizarre characters. And Michael, as narrator, is a truly fresh and original voice.

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