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The complete Arianna's Tale trilogy plus Perri's story all in one convenient e-book boxset! Book 1 - The Beginning At the end of Arianna's Junior year of high school her life is thrown into disarray. After an incident at home, she and her brothers move to her dad's house states away and the strangeness only increases. "Normal" takes on a whole different meaning as Arianna is left to wonder when will things settle down in her life again? And is she going completely crazy or are these "coincidences" she keeps noticing actually linked together? Book 2 - Another World After a roller coaster of a year--moving, finding out she was adopted, discovering the existence of werewolves and faeries--Arianna didn't think her life could get any crazier. But isn't that precisely when things always get worse? Forced to deal with the loss of her father at the hands of the creature that had attacked her, Arianna finds herself seeking a bit of solitude only to be swept away to another world where she makes even more new discoveries and must fight her way back to the people she cares for. Book 3 - The Resolution After escaping her birthmother’s hold on her in Faerie, Arianna returns to the wolf house and her friends only to come face to face with another loss. With too many memories surfacing in the house, Arianna manages to escape and sets off on her own, trying to find her own way in a world where she doesn’t truly belong. Will new friends be able to help? Or will she finally have to confront her biggest fear and deal with her faerie heritage? And what happens when an even bigger threat, thought to no longer exist, resurfaces in her world? Book 4 - Wolf Queen A favorite character from the Arianna's Tale trilogy returns with her own story. Perri was born into a strict, and rather old-fashioned pack that didn't suit her more adventurous personality. When she was given a chance to escape to a new pack, she jumps at the opportunity but could never expect the surprises that come her way.

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