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Richard Van Geisen is an abrasive, wealthy, self-centered playboy, until his overbearing personality leads to a deadly accident that takes the life of his chauffeur, but miraculously spares his own. Withdrawn and remorseful, Richard reflects on whom he has become – a person he no longer likes. Then a brief encounter with a homeless man shows him that only by helping others can he once again find joy.Seeking God’s guidance and an answer to the unusual vision he had during the accident, Richard treks into the mountains where he meditates and prays. Richard meets an angel who directs him to give his wealth to the poor, and endows him with spiritual gifts, including the ability to see sickness in other people, the ability to determine the condition of their souls, the power to heal their bodies, and the mandate to witness to those who are lost.Through a carefully crafted plan, Richard dispenses over a billion dollars to charity. Turning away from his former life and friends, he takes up his new life as a servant of God. But not everyone wants to be helped. Richard can only help those who have the faith to be healed. This becomes a source of constant friction as Richard combs the city streets guided by unseen forces, sometimes rebuffed by those whom he would help.Richard learns that there are limits to whom he may help, and how he may help them. This fact is driven home when he discovers he is unable to help locate a missing child, despite his overwhelming personal desire to get involved in the search. Richard not only fails to find the child, but he fails to complete an intervention, resulting in the death of a lost soul.With failure comes redemption, however. During his sleep, Richard has a vision of things to come. He also learns that he is up against evil spirits who inhabit this Earth, but that he is not alone in his battle against them. Finally, he learns that he will face a challenge of grave consequences. Success would mean a victory over evil, and a revival for humanity. Failure would mean that evil wins, and humanity continues with the status quo. Richard’s vision manifests itself through actual events, leading up to his final challenge.

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