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A world can only be defined by the creatures living in it, and a single soul is defined by the spirit within. When the chaos of one race threatens the lives of everyone, there is only one option to take. Kill or be killed. Belledonna is an elven warrior and master archer who fears nothing and is prepared for anything. Her younger sister Lamari, however, tends to lose her temper from time to time. When evil befalls upon their land and Lamaris beloved is taken into custody, something is triggered within her, and she will not stop until he is rescued. Ian is a lonely human who found refuge in a small village of elves who took him in when he was small. He now tries with all his might to prove to them and himself how strong he can really be. With his best friend, Marsh, at his side, he knows he can conquer any obstacle that may cross his path. There is more than just one enemy to fear, and it will take more than just one ally to overcome them. When the undead begin to rise and a god appears from up above, there is no telling what will befall upon the creatures of Asmira. Not even the Council of Rulers will be able to predict what may happen next . . .

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