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~* Book Three of the Salak'patan Series *~ At the age of 25 Monorth's world was one filled with fevered dreams of far off worlds and fantastical creatures, until one day his narrow world of quiet contemplation was shattered for all of time. More than 25 years have passed since that long ago day when his world was changed forever, by a love he never expected. And in the passage of those years he has been a warrior, a scholar, a leader, a follower, a poet, a philosopher, a wanderer, an explorer, a criminal, and an officer of the law. Each time that his world seemed to crystallize and become stable, something has come along to break that world apart, leaving him to pick up the pieces. Often has he felt that he was merely a piece on the gaming board of the Universe always leading him towards a destiny he did not want, and often has he felt hatred for that unknowable game. Time has passed since he let his wandering ways lead him back to the hearth and home he left behind. And in that time that followed his world has become stable and peaceful once more, surrounded by the warmth and happiness of family. But with that peace comes the knowledge of all the things left unfinished, the knowledge of all that has been left unsaid and unseen. The knowledge of all those things that remained untouched that could end his peaceful world once for all, bringing death and destruction to all that he loved. This time he decides that if his world is at risk of being shattered once more, than his is the hand that shall break it. And if he is spend a lonely eternity as destiny's plaything than he must step forward and take control of the game. Or else there is no way to know what might happen to those he cares about. With these thoughts in mind, his imagination begins to stir and the need for a new journey begins to call to him. Thoughts of the Rim and all the untouched worlds still waiting out there begin to whisper to him. A new path seems ready to open up before him leading towards all that yet remains unknown. Only this time the path he feels compelled to follow is not one he must travel alone. It has been said that the more one fights the forces of destiny, the stronger destiny becomes when it choose to fight back. And Monorth is about to discover how true these words truly are, as destiny strikes back..

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