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You wake expecting just another day, but what if you feel taller, thinner, more alive than you’ve ever felt before? What if, you don’t recognise where you are? What if, you don’t even remember what you did yesterday? What if, on this particular morning you wake up to find yourself dead? Now that would be a weird start to the rest of your life….. Product Description Awakening is the first book in the Alchemy Quintet; five full length novels which trace Evie’s psychological journey, as she battles her way from new born vampire, hesitant about her new found powers, to leader of a dominant vampire clan. In Awakening, we meet Evie, the main protagonist of the Alchemy Quintet. Awakening into a strange vampire world with no memories and an oddly human perspective, she begins to come to terms with her abilities whilst slowly unearthing sometimes disturbing elements of her past. As Evie walks the line between her lingering humanity and animalistic vampire urges, she negotiates a passionate love triangle, and discovers she has something unique which the whole vampire race desires. This is her brightest and darkest time, her time of love and despair; her awakening.. Contains some sexual content. Suggested age 16 and over.

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