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Behold the Fountain of Youth is a fantasy novel that combines the historical adventures of Juan Ponce de Leon and his search for the elusive fountain of youth with man's continual struggle with time and love. In this story, the fountain is found, but it harbors secrets that disrupt the natural balance of life and interfere with God's plan. Vasco, a strapping conquistador, and violet-eyed Estelle, a budding voyager, are star-crossed lovers. Having gained eternal youth and immortality, they must now struggle to set right the furor they have unwittingly unleashed. Their endeavors include: subduing Raven, a threat not only to the immortals’ beloved home––the enchanting underwater land of Arcadia––but to the entire free world. And, amid it all, the hope and promise of their love lingers just beyond reach . . . The adventurous voyage begins in 1521 and plots a course through enchanting destinations, including Bimini, Florida, and the undersea Eden of Arcadia. Anchored off Bimini, the Santiago and its sister ship, the Amalur, wait for the return of their passengers and crew who are engaged in an exhausting search for the elusive Fountain of Youth. Led by Juan Ponce de Leon, the large band of explorers find the legendary fountain and bathe in its otherworldly waters. They become immortal. Estelle has joined Ponce de Leon’s voyage to get closer to Bimini. She believes the island is near Atlantis, where she can look for her mother, a brave voyager who left her as an infant to find the fabled society. Due to circumstance beyond their control, Estelle and Vasco are forced to live separate lives––one living on Earth’s surface, and one below it. Vasco and other immortals take refuge deep undersea in a brave new world formed from the ruins of Atlantis. They live unseen below the ocean floor, concealed underneath the submerged Bimini Road––a piling of rocks believed in modern times to be all that remains of the fabled Atlantis. Vasco and the stealthy group of immortals thrive in their underwater land, known as Arcadia. It is accessible from Earth only via lightening-fast luges that traverse a hybrid, crystal tunnel reaching far below the known seafloor. Extending through Arcadia’s breathtaking landscape is a petrified rainbow forest. It is a land filled with crystals containing tremendous amounts of energy and healing power. Lit by the rays of a sun-like Great Crystal; an abundance of multi-color crystals paint the land with an ethereal glow. Robotic crystal-encrusted creatures, engineered in the likenesses of earthly beasts, inhabit the land and are used for hunting games. Life is almost perfect in Arcadia––until Raven, a rogue immortal, makes a final grab for power, and Vasco and Estelle must find a way to stop him. Vasco struggles to maintain order among his immortals, while Estelle, whose time has been stolen, stumbles into a now-unfamiliar land in the midst of rebellion. Both must make the most of their time to save her life and their destiny. Descriptions of real places made of orange blossoms, waterfalls, and fountains abound. Tropical Florida is brought to life, where flamingo feathers blow in air filled with the warmth, comfort, and tickles of paradise. Its magical places are rich with adventure, crystals, gold, and lavish delicacies. Enter Arcadia, that magical land below the sea. Walk down a pathway of frosty pearls and bouquets of crystallized roses through a primary-colored forest. See galumphing, mechanical, gem-encrusted animals prance across the plains of singing sands. Explore a land rich with soothing energy crystals. Ponder the Arcadian creed that positive energy will extend to the universe and pave the way for answers yet to be realized. In the home of an immortal race of supernatural beings, life is almost perfect.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121347409
    • ISBN:  9781458110459

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