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Renas life should be perfect. She has everything she could want, but she doesnt want any of it. The daughter of a famous model, Rena dreams of becoming a normal girl, living in a normal neighborhood, going to a normal school, and doing stuff most teens her age would do. Her life is about to change, but not in the way she hopes. On her fourteenth birthday, a demon from a different worlda world that existed five thousand years agoarrives and kidnaps her brother, Joey. The demon tells her she has something it wants and that she must travel back in time through a mirror in order to rescue Joey. On the other side of the mirror, in the world of the past, Rena uncovers many secrets and discovers she is more connected to that world than she could have known. With the help of a new friend, one whom she is inexplicably drawn to, she embarks on a journey to find her brother. But she soon learns that her companion may have a mysterious connection to her own past. In this fantasy novel, a teenage girl sets out to save her brother from the demon who kidnapped him and finds herself traveling in a strange mirror world of the past.

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