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BOO! The Ghost Challenge”What could possibly be more terrifying than ghosts frightening humans in a high stakes contest of fear?What could possibly be more fun than ghosts frightening humans in the same contest?The answer? Greg Minster’s playful novel, ‘BOO! The Ghost Challenge’!Every four years, thousands of ghosts descend upon an unsuspecting city and compete for a simple prize: Which ghost can perform the most frightening fright on human beings?The rules of competition are simple. In front of three ghost judges, the contestants do their best to scare the bahjeebers out of pre-selected, and quite unwary, human targets. After each ‘fright’, the judges critique and give scores to the ghost competitors. The story begins with the last of the ten semi-finalists, and progresses through the exciting, ‘final four’ championship round.For the small city of Ghost Harbor, WI. the contest raises havoc with the citizens and the police force. No one has the slightest clue as to why so many random ‘scary events’ suddenly take place in their city. Not one victim ever gets hurt (just scared), and no evidence ever gets left behind by the competing ghosts.The story takes a fun look at ghosts at a lively pace, and in a hip, contemporary setting.

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