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If you were trapped in your worst nightmare with no escape, could you gamble your one chance at freedom, to protect your world and a world you created, from unimaginable danger? Who is Nathaniel Brown? Brave, fearless and a bit of an adventurer,Nathaniel Brown, is a natural born leader. Faced with lunch time boredom, Nathaniel and his best friends, Ravi, Wayne and Cristopher, create a game about a imaginary world called Borlosanti. This seemingly unimportant decision, changes the scope of their future forever. Oblivious to inevitable effects they have set in motion, they continue to develop this game and play it at every opportunity. The more they play it, the more addicted they become. Having become so absorbed with the game, they don't realise that Borlosanti has taken on a life of its' own and that it has a power incomparable to anything they have ever known. Once they are sucked in to it. There is no return without a battle destined to change their lives forever. Borlosanti synopsis When Christopher wakes up to discover the exact injury he sustained in a joint dream with his friends. He quickly realises that their safety is dependent on them closing the portal that takes them to the realm of Borlosanti. In an effort to avoid entering Borlosanti through their dreams, they endeavour to stay awake. However, they fail miserably and subsequently become trapped in a prison of their own design. Will they live long enough to escape from this realm and to save both worlds? Maybe, maybe not, after all one boy's dream is another's worse nightmare. If you like wall to wall action, witty dialog and interesting characters, you can relate to then you'll love the first installment of Jonathan Poku's magically powered YA fantasy novel.

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