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GHOST TOWN ADVENTURE second title of the book did not get inside the book. If I decided to do a second edition to this book. I will add the second title to the book. Take a quest journey with the explorer boys who enter ghost towns of the real wild west. T Explore your quest through different ghost towns as you run into unusual myth creators, ghost, and objects that could be dangerous or it could you along the way. Hunt down treasure boxes and find a secret inside of the box. Explore dark caves and who knows what traps or unusual myth creators or even myth creatures and animals could be in the cave. Explore the Journey through the Ghost towns that might be hunted with GHOST. Enter our GHOST TOWNS if you DARE! Have an exciting time while you stay.Hunt down treasure chest boxes and find a secret inside the box. Explore the Journey through the Ghost towns that might be hunted with GHOST. Enter our GHOST TOWNS if you DARE! Have an exciting time while you stay. © 2015 Irene Jane Holmes?. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author. Published by AuthorHouse ISBN: 978-1-5049-0930-3 (sc) ISBN: 978-1-5049-0936-5 (e) I am dedicating my book to my late father (Vernon Carl Holmes) who passed away Nov 2012. My Father loved the outdoors. He used to love to go exploring through trails, forest, mountains, Ghost Towns and anywhere in nature. He loved to take his children and family on journeys through different types of nature and go camping as well. This book fits my father’s personality of him very well because; of the Ghost town experience is something he always loved to do. Almost any time he would go on a road trip somewhere, He would stop and look at ghost towns along the way and see other nature and object like waterfalls, nature hikes, and trails. When it comes to my Father, he seemed to fit right in with nature. My Father loved to teach his children about nature as, well as other basic home and educational topics. My family and I will always miss him but, we know he is in a better place and can explore nature anytime where he is. My brothers spread his ashes as requested by our fathers will @ Grand Teton National Park where he loved exploring this nature park’s trails and other nature scenery at this journey through this peaceful park... Increase your courage and face your fears. Be careful what you sit on or you might get locked in. Come explore are ranches and help the boys discover a map. Will the boys be able to find the right rock in the river and bring it back to the farm ranch to be able to have one of the boys remake the map before the snakes enter the ranch? The snakes are deadly if they bite you and you have to explore the hospital to hunt for evidence on how to cure a deadly snack bite. Are the flowers real or are they one of the white-headed snakes. You find yourself trap behind a wall and cannot get out. Do you want to keep hunting for an exit on the other side? Would you just turn the flashlight on and walk ahead. You never know what could happen or where the tunnel could lead you into. Be careful not to look into the flying unusual creatures or they might make you deadly sick if you cannot find a solution to medicine soon. Have some fun times at our ghost towns. You will discover some of the boy's charmed with 'ghost. You will find some humor and jokes played on some of the other boys. See how the boys handle stressful situations. You will find many cabins to explore and stay the night. Who knows who will be knocking on your door! It just might be a GHOST at your door when you wake up in the morning. Enter our world of GHOST TOWNS if your strong enough to face up to unusual myth creators and objects. Feel free to keep what you need along the way. Have fun in many adventures coming your way.

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