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Hollowed by a loss still unyielding of a perpetrator, Rhiamon Delaney bends to her curiosity and becomes unwillingly entangled in a bloody web of murder, lies and deceit, where the only ones who know the truth may be dead and the ones who want her dead are not alive. There is a type of pain, a stagnant, lingering ache that even an eternity cannot persuade a heart to release. There is a type of danger, a blatant, violent desire to take life that even the invincible cannot evade or incapacitate. There is a type of love, a fiery, all-consuming possession of heart and soul that defies the notion of pain or danger; a madness capable of deeds measured only in the moments between two beating hearts. Las Vegas is a beautiful place to visit, to take in the sights, to let your inner-sinner out; a beautiful place to die. She should have left him there, young Rory, bloodied and broken on that warehouse floor. Rhiamon Delaney paid little attention to worry, before tonight. She’d spent two years patient in solitude, where memories remained silent; haunting the back alleys of Las Vegas and killing only when the need arose. That was, of course, before they showed up, raining discontent on the comfort of boredom and numbness she’d grown accustom to. She had to poke her nose in. She had to save the kid. They weren’t going to give up though. They wanted her dead, these demon strangers with bloodied lips, just as they’d come for Rory. The only way to the truth was through the past, where ghosts carry burning torches and vials of salt for old wounds. With every step backward, Rhiamon stumbles deeper into truths she cannot accept, faced with a sudden love she never believed in. She is forced to confront things about herself she cannot change, and to realize others can change her in ways she’ll never forget. With unknown enemies at the back of her heels and the betrayal of true friends twisted in her back, Rhiamon must quickly take the upper hand and end this hunt. How can she stop an enemy she doesn’t know without losing another friend? This is different. This time it’s Rory. Losing him would mean losing her soul, and she would die first.

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