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"Cadenza," is a new dark fantasy series written by Justin Conley and David D. Haynes IV. From the creators of the "Iniquitous Dominion" series, comes a new dark fantasy series that introduces a whole new world with similar elements that made "Iniquitous Dominion" one of the most twisted series in the world of literature. The island of Cadenza is centered on the flower planet Mira, where for the planet's four kingdoms, is just another island to conquer on the way to world domination. For the island inhabitants, it is a land of magic, mystery, romance, war, death and rebirth with its mix of ruthless counts, playboy knights, seductive witches, and a dark history that carry with it Mira's own shadowy history. With each locale and influential character presented pulls back several layers that would end with an established chronological history of the planet's fruition. In the first novella of the series, a former general becomes master of the island after conquering it for his king. While he tries to establish his rule the right way, other citizens of the island decide to settle old disputes and make new problems...

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