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An ancient artifact, Uua's Tear, has been stolen and has fallen into the sinister clutches of the Lord of the Undead, Xerax. Acquired for him by his heartless henchman, Nostarius, the dread vampire, Xerax must unlock its secrets to achieve his end of enslaving all of mankind. Upon returning to his homeland after years of exile, Caleb Hart is thrust into the middle of a group of adventurers and the knights of the Honor Guard, charged by the Light King, Victor IV with retrieving the invaluable and powerful magic item that contains a tiny drop of the divine essence of the world's deity, Uua. In the meantime Xerax, who it is said cannot be harmed by any weapon or spell, has raised an army of undead legions and has joined forces with the armies of the ogres and gnolls. Together they are marching upon the human stronghold, Attalis. Will Caleb and his companions recover Uua's Tear and stop Xerax before it is too late to save the world?

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