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A hundred and thirty years has passed, since the events of the "Prologue," the "Four Noble Animal Tribes", and the massive climatic battle, that's been waged a while ago. And now, after all of that, under the code and oath of the Sun God Ra, seven exalted individuals, who carry the angelic essence within their souls, come from different planes of the universe. Once the exalted are to know of their destiny, chosen by the divine force itself, to defeat the very great heavenly evil that once turned the world chaotic around them, and do all that they can to bring about peace to their new prosperous world, which will undergo a change so rapid and huge, that none have seen it coming and their current, corrupted world will never be the same like it used to be anymore. Through the divine power, of the Celestial beings, which are the angels themselves, that pioneers a new world, that the lost exalted souls of the new "Empyreal 7", must usher through and protect, against the dreaded forces, that is coming their way. As well as the dark heavenly forces, to which they must know. Of the seven chosen individuals, the one simply known as Evan, who resides in Los Angeles, CA must know his family's heritage, as well as its curse with the Celestial Dragon clan, and do what he can to break that terrifying curse that's been placed on his family as well. All while trying to accomplish his goal of becoming the World Champion Mixed Martial Artist for a Heavyweight Championship in which his goal further leads to become something bigger...In his desire to surpass his father and grandfather before him to make them proud of him and his accomplishments as well; walking in their footsteps in becoming the next greatest champion and all. Evan, after discovering the solar powers that lives inside of him, wears the suit, and takes the oath as the "Flaming Falcon", to purge the world of the wicked and use the solar powers he's been blessed with, to carry this out. And to also find redemption in all of the horrible things that he's done, through the killing of his enemies and following the right path. Along the way in his path to redemption and completing his mission, he'll meet people that were destined to fight the great enemy, as much as he is and he'll do whatever he can to complete the destiny that was set out for him and break the horrifying curse that's been placed upon the world as they know it. Will he succeed where many others have failed? Will they learn to work together to defeat their common enemy? Will Evan be able to break his family curse that's been placed from a long time ago? Will Evan be able to accomplish the embodiment of a true Champion and become what he was destined to be? And finally find redemption for his sins, as the "Flaming Falcon" as well?

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001120803593
    • ISBN:  9781311994103

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