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Everyone has a dark side. It's what you do with it that counts. Lloyd Elwood has suffered through most of his life. An orphan since was one year old, and passed from carer to carer since then, he hasn’t had it easy. But he is special. The one thing his parents left him; magic. Trained by a master sorcerer alongside two friends he has proved himself to be strong and resourceful. These are traits highly prized by Dark wizards, and he is soon tempted to join their world of hate and violence. They want him to kill, and these are people you just don’t say no to. Elwood does though and escapes their terror to live alone, away from people he cares for, but the potential for darkness is always inside him, and to the rest of the world he just another failure. As he grows older he learns to use his power. He becomes a private investigator using his magic to solve crimes and mysteries. When he is dragged into investigating a murder, old wounds are reopened and feelings of remorse and guilt are dredged up from the depths of his past. Supernatural horrors lurk around every corner and the world is not as ordinary as it seems. Now he has to deal with werewolves, vampires, warlocks, zombies and giant tentacle monsters. (He hates those). It’s up to him to set aside his fears and save everyone he loves. This looks like a job for a wizard. Almost.

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