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What if dreams were real? What if you lived your dreams: if every time you slept, you lived anothers life, seeing through anothers eyes, and living someone elses experiences. Seeing the world you knew, but different- another existence overlapping our own, where we existed, but not as ourselves- in another time, in another dimension. When MyAnna learns her gift of piggybacking other lives through her dreams is just the beginning, before long she is set upon a dangerous course to save humanity. Given to the world as a guardian, she will soon develop powers beyond basic reasoning, hidden long ago within her dreams. Powers that in the wrong hands could destroy the world. And every world MyAnna ever loved. At the turn of the twenty-second century, the world is a place controlled by powerful totalitarian governments. Drones monitoring the regime driven, class-divided society; where money rules, beliefs are suppressed, and someone is always watching. In a time where there is little left to believe in but the power you have within yourself, MyAnna will have to risk all she has to save the world she never bothered to live in, and learn to live and love in her own reality.

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