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Samantha McGovern sacrificed her magic to save her home town. Finally, after more than two years, new stirrings within her offer hope of a reawakening. However, neither that nor the prospect of a summer music program can offset the misery of her boyfriend’s departure. How can she keep Jason when he’s moved on to college life, but she’s still trapped in Skenesboro and high school for another year? Sami finds distractions enough during her stay in Boston. New friends help her rediscover her power, and an old crush seems into her, far more than when they had both lived in NYC. Sami struggles to fend off the intoxicating charms of Miles Eichen, but with Jason’s increasing distance, it feels like a losing battle. When her strange visions begin to come true, and extreme weather bursts over New England, Sami discovers a new purpose to her magic—magic stronger than she could imagine. Millions of lives are in danger, and only she has the power to foil a great evil with an agenda all its own. However, it will take a different kind of power to repair the rift between her and Jason. Is their love strong enough to heal the breach?

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