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AS THE PHANTOM KILLER CONTINUES THE RAMPAGE, SO IS DANGER GETTING MUCH CLOSERWHO WILL THE NEXT VICTIM BE...?Eve sees how Sara died through her visions, but she can’t see who killed her. After gathering information about the case, Det. Chad Morrison and Psychic P.I. Eve Snow now focus on Sara’s murderer, the Secret Admirer.Sara visits Eve in her dreams and warns her that the Secret Admirer is plotting the next murder, and asks her to look into her past, which puzzles Eve. She joins Chad in investigating all options to uncover more information about the mysterious murderer.While Hunter’s concern grows as he watches Eve pass out from her visions. He wants to help, but Eve is just used to working alone. With Hunter gone for the night after their first fight, Eve suffers the consequences of having someone important a part of her life. She hopes that Hunter will push through for her as she and Chad delve deeper into the investigation.Will Eve and Chad have enough time to save the next victim from an untimely death? Will Eve and Hunter be able to put their differences aside and stay together in love and partnership, before its too late for the next victim?The elusive Secret Admirer may have more evil plots than Eve will ever know….If you wish to read more, download now!READER ADVISORY: This story contains contents that some reader may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes.BONUS FOR YOU AT THE END OF THE BOOK!EXCERPTAround 2AM, she got up and rummaged around until she found her sleeping pills. Breaking one in half, she washed it down with water and returned to bed. Maybe a half of the pill would help her relax enough to sleep. She needed to be alert in the morning and taking a whole one might just make her sleep a full eight hours before being adequately awake.As it turned out, the half a pill worked quite well, allowing her to relax just enough to fall into a restful sleep.Eve! Please hear me! Did you tell the police about the Secret Admirer? Theres going to be another murder soon!Trying to make her eyes open, Eve was able to make out a shape by her bed.Sara! Okay, Im listening, but youve got to give me some names or something to go on.Look to your past, Eve! This is about you and youll be the last victim.Its the Secret Admirer! You must find the Secret Admirer!The next victim has been chosen and shes already received her first gift!Youve got time to save her, Eve, but you must work quickly! Her name is...There was a shrill noise coming from downstairs. Eve struggled to remain asleep because Sara had been about to give her the name of the next victim. Dammit! Why did this keep happening?Suddenly, she realized that it was daylight outside and that the shrill noise was her doorbell ringing.Hunter!Download and discover why readers are raving about Natalie Fields.Scroll up and get the book now!

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