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When will I learn to stop thinking things can’t get any worse? After losing her husband and child, losing her humanity to a wendigo attack and being shackled to a couple of shadowy monster hunters, Tess just assumed life was done throwing her curve balls. She was wrong. Strange creatures are flocking to her for protection from a new hunter who insists Tess and her ghoul are abominations that are better off dead. Her pet bird might be a ghost, death is whispering in her ear and it seems Tess isn’t quite done turning into a monster. That’s just the tip of the ice burg. If people don’t stop talking about ridiculous things like responsibility and love, she just might lose her mind. Caught between humanity and darkness, Tess learns the hard way that not all humans are good, not all monsters are bad and not all stories have a happy ending. The Wendigo Girl series is a series of short novels between 40,000-50,000 words with elements of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and occasional light horror. Mature language, some sexual content, and some graphic violence.

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