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Mitch awakens from what he perceives as a dream after being knocked unconscious. He is still in a cavern but what cavern he awakens in complete darkness except for light from the mouth of the cavern very confused he walks toward the elevator falls over some stones finds a flashlight and discovers the lighting which once was was no longer where it is supposed to be and even the elevator is missing he walks to the entrance of the cavern the waterfall still there and steps into the sunlit landscape there are hay piles and livestock where there was once only neatly trimmed lawns as he climbs out of the valley and over the hill he sees the castle he lives in but it looks strange like it is brand new and there are three barns not one and no garages and no driveway mitch believes he must still be dreaming he gets to the door and tries the lock but cant get in he pounds on the door and a maid of perhaps twenty years old comes to the door yes she says may i help you sire?

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