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Captain Marteen has spent most of his life following orders. Forced into the Imperial Army as a young man, with the only way out being retirement or death, he has given up all hope of ever being able to develop his gifts as a healer. Now he finds himself part of a group of soldiers and mages on loan to the King of Essa, taking part in an attempted invasion of the northern countries of Ranmor. His habit of always questioning orders lands him in the lead of a mixed group of Imperial and Essian soldiers ordered into enemy territory to ambush the approaching Allied forces. This he immediately recognises as a suicide mission. The yellow dragon, Daninackan, is second in command of the Onlashian military healers travelling with the Allied forces to confront the invaders. Others write off his unease at the approaching confrontation as pre-battle nerves, but Dani cannot rid himself of the feeling that something is very wrong - which is how he ends up pulling the only surviving Imperial soldier off a burning hill. But what must he do with the man now? Marteen is not sure if he is the dragon's prisoner, or supper, and can only wait to find out his fate.

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