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Humans seem to have a lot of misconceptions about vampires, especially in those dimensions where vampires have never actually existed. Until recently, I never even knew that such places existed. Our clan has spent well over a decade travelling through parallel universes due to a scientific mistake, and in every dimension where we have encountered people except for one, there have always been vampires. As for myself, I have never known life without them. The accident that set us on our journey has resulted in Vlad's citadel and the stronghold surrounding it being pulled along as we try to find our way back home. The rest of the city has been left behind, with the people no doubt wondering if they'll ever see us again. My name is Troy, and because of my position in the clan of Vlad the Relentless, and the numerous and varied experiences I have encountered in our many travels, I feel it is my duty to tell our story, and to clear up these myths and misconceptions. I also feel honour bound to preserve an account of our travels, recording both the successes our clan has had and the mistakes we have made, including my own. We have suffered many casualties along the way, and I owe it to the brave men and women who have fallen in service to Vlad and to the clan to ensure that their memories live on.

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