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A prophecy thousands of years ago, brought the Elemental Lords and Ladies out of their slumbers. To keep the balance, they formed a pact between themselves and the Angels and the Demons. Each Generation, the Lords and Ladies would each gift a pure and void human with their abilities. Then on their 25th Birthday, the Demons would execute the Trials, to see if they were worthy.Ashlynn Bennington has known what she was since she was thirteen. A Witch. But not just any witch, an Elemental Witch, with power over all of the Earth. With only the support of her best friends and fellow Elementals, Edan, Kendra, Melody and Verity, she has embraced her affinity and together they began preparation for the trials.Now with days to go before her birthday, she finds herself face to face with the one thing she had not planned for. Love. Can Ashlynn protect her friends, her heart and the Earthen realm? Only when she fully embraces who she is, can she defeat her enemy. Or will she find herself broken and decomposed at the hands of her enemy

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