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Zombies, monsters, and a misplaced Heaven. A decades spanning epic adventure with demons, angels and a guy with two really big guns. Jake Corba had a rough start in life. When he was an infant he lost his family in a tragic church fire, but what was most tragic was that the fire was caused when he was possessed by a powerful demon. Since then, he’s learned not only to depend on himself to survive, but to control the monster within his soul as well. He lives a desperate existence on his own, trusting no one, until a stranger known only as Ivar appears in his life, and a chain of events are set into motion which will put Jake to the ultimate test as he learns who he really is and finds his destiny as he fight to save not only his own life, but the lives of his friends and all of reality as we know it in the process. Jake first meets Ivar and in his first attempt to free himself of the demon, he learns the true meaning of his heritage and the value of knowing who he really is. Ten years later, Jake encounters the cult of The Reborn who seek to revive the sorceress who originally cursed the Corba family centuries earlier. As he fights to keep this evil from returning, he meets Gwen and finds something he never thought possible. Love. As he continues to thwart the dark forces that seek to destroy him, he finds himself entangled in a master plan set by two of his oldest enemies. A master plan that spans generations and takes him to the brink of his sanity, and the world to the very edge of destruction.

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