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The story focuses on Angelina, who had dedicated herself to her career after a failed relationship with wealthy businessman Stephanos. After many years of a single life, she meets handsome James, whom she tries to resist. But seductive James changes everything for Angelina after a breathtaking, tantalizing weekend together where she surrenders herself to him. Angelinas desires are awakened by the sexual adventure that follows. She did not expect that the transition would be so comfortable when she allowed herself to love and have those feelings reciprocated. But later, Angelina discovers that Andy, a trusted colleague who is also her boss, had kept his desires for her concealed. Now, with the possibility of losing Angelina forever to James, Andy reveals his own feelings for her. When faced with rejection, he sets out to prevent this new love from blossoming any further. As Angelina finds it difficult to maintain a professional working relationship with Andy, unexpectedly the past returns to haunt her. Angelina suddenly finds that her world had started to turn upside down, leaving her to make decisions she thought she would never have to make.

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