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An old betrayal, an indistinct future, and a lust for retribution…The desert city of Shanti holds many secrets, but Ladramain is only concerned with one of them: what are the A’gulen doing? The band of thieves is somewhere in the city, and he has finally tracked them down. All he has to do now is follow his visions of the future and get close enough to take them down. The only problem is his visions only let him view brief glimpses of what will happen.With the aid of his partner Jianna, Ladramain fights his way across the city searching for the men who threw his life into chaos. The future will guide him there, but his destiny may not be what he hopes.Destiny Scrolls: Retribution adds new depth to the expanding world of Arkeadion and explores some of the history leading up to the events of book one. This is a stand-alone story meant to be read before or after Path of the Warrior. Ladramain’s storyline will shed light on many of the small but important events of the Destiny Scrolls world.Check inside for information about getting book one, Destiny scrolls: Path of the Warrior, 50% off!

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