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Thrust into a world where witches, vampires and fae command more than just your nightmares, Valentine Orphanet is on a journey not only of self discovery but into the murky world of grey between Black and White. With her new employer by her side, well at the end of a phone if she's lucky, Valentine has to stand up for those who can't, investigate those who operate in the murk and stop those who take without compassion. From the big city streets to the mud covered lanes Valentine must walk the fine line of right and wrong to solve the mysteries of a suspected coven, who or what is mutilating cattle in the name of the occult and as she stumbles upon suspicions of kidnap and disappearances amongst the young girls of the countryside she must solve their loss and prevent anyone else losing their way. She maybe young and inexperienced but she has a secret, something she hasn't told to her demonic employer the enigmatic Mr Xanthic, a music fills her soul whenever Others are close. It gives her an edge, a way of knowing when something not born of our world is near. Will it be enough to keep her alive? But first she has to survive a stay in the wards of the NHS and recover from the injuries sustained on another research task that didn't follow the plan. It is here amongst the sick that something is preying on the weak and helpless. Children are sick for no apparent reason and slowly they slip away in sadness and the dark. A request to investigate goes wrong when she is drugged and then led away to a feral nest filled with demonic etchings, pentagrams and the detritus of a thousand dark ceremonies by a hospital porter with motives of his own. Humans do not sit at top of the pyramid hierarchy of life in our world, they've stayed hidden for so long but now someone can see them though the universal song, how will they react when they find out? Demons in the cleaning cupboard. Witches are abroad. Smoke Dancers dance, And somewhere an Angelic librarian is baking very bad cakes. Someone needs to find out what's happening and if possible bring everything to a satisfactory conclusion. All in a weeks work for Valentine Orphanet, all 13 days of it.

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