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A lot has happened in the last few months. Alexis is officially dating the Dark Prince, but she hasn’t done much as his “consort” yet. So when he invites her to a meeting between the elves and the five Courts, she immediately accepts. It’s time for everyone to come together to solve the problem of the Solitary fae. She just wishes that the malicious Unseelie Court hadn’t volunteered to play host. Molly hasn’t told Alexis much about her time in the Faery Realm. She should have confessed everything immediately, but Alexis hadn’t pushed, and Molly hadn’t been ready. Months later, all Molly wants to do is forget about the Faery Realm and return to her normal, mortal life. But someone isn’t willing to be forgotten. He’s been sending her strange gifts, each more disturbing than the last, and she’s afraid of what he’ll do next. To rid herself of her unwanted suitor, Molly joins Alexis on her mission in the Faery Realm. Maybe this time they’ll manage to solve more problems than they create …

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