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After spending years within the sterile walls of the hospital focusing on her career, Muriel feels out of place when a friend arranges a date with an older man. Having nothing in common with this man of means and with little experience with intimacy, Muriel wonders if she may have stumbled into something more than a casual fling. Excerpt: “Look at the mountains,” she exclaimed, in awe of the majestic peaks. “They are beautiful, and they are even more beautiful up close. We’ll go sometime. I wanted you to experience this with me, your first time all the way to the top,” he said, and once again his shining blue eyes sparkled. Muriel thought there may have been just the slightest bit of sexual innuendo in his comment. She was mesmerized by the brilliance of his eyes. They sparkled like diamonds. Mark set his glass down and held Muriel’s hands. He moved his hands upward along her arms, and he leaned toward her. Muriel’s heart was beating fast and hard when she felt Mark’s lips on her own. His kisses were gentle and sweet, yet very passionate. He put his arms around her and kissed her with more force and passion. He kissed her for several minutes, and Muriel was quickly becoming aroused. She wanted this man. Then Mark pulled back and kissed her on the cheek. “I think I had better go now,” he said. After Mark had gone, a confused Muriel made sure the shower water was hot before stepping inside. The pulsating jets felt good on her sore muscles. She turned and let the water hit the front of her body, and she thought about how great a whirlpool tub would feel right now. She looked down and fantasized about how good Mark’s hands would feel on her, caressing her, and bringing her to climax with his fingers, and then with his full thickness. She could only imagine how gentle and giving a lover he would be, yet not so gentle that he would leave her unsatisfied. Sex with Mark would be amazing.

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